This is not just a trademark, this is an ancient Slavonic amulet

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Samovar is the symbol of traditional russian tea-drinking and of famous russian hospitality.

Ocassional guest at the threshold and...welcome to the table! The Samovar is always ready!

And if there invited visitors in the house - then in the table's centre at the whitesnow tablecloth there is a samovar shining and hissing on the tray.

In old times in Russia samovar was given to the future hostess. The more beautiful and expensive samovar, the more respect is to parents.

In our HiTech century, items of national art crafts that are came from master's hands, keep their originality.

If there is jubilee or Birthday at yours relatives or friends, then you can present them "Siberian Samovar", kindle it and to drink real Russian Tea "with smoke"! You will no regret!

- Combined Samovar with the capacity 4.5 litres. It is intended for heating and boiling water. Heating of water in samovar is carried out by means of electric energy or firewood combustion energy. It is decorated with high-artistic pattern.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, litres 4,5
Dimensions, mm:

Length (by handles) 360
Width (by tap) 310
Heigth 455
Weight, kg 5,5
Power, kW 1,0

You may order the "Siberian Samovar"

Name Advanced Payment Price
"Siberian Samovar" 100 % 160000 rub


The price includes: airdelivery to any place in a world, the insurance of a cargo.

Your order will be finished from 1 up to 3 months, that are needed for technological process.



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