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Kuzma-Demian - handicraftsmen, hen-men. Kuzminki.

Kuzma and Demian - handicraftsmen, patrons of crafts, especially of smith and women crafts. Since Kuzma-Demian day women are beginning to make the winter yarn, and asking the saint patrons about help.

Kuzminki - is the day of autumn commemoration
Kuzminki - is the day of whinter meeting

Kuzminki - is the day of hens' birthday, hens' holiday. In Old Russia this day was the interesting hens' and cocks' holiday. Youth were singing and having fun. Young men put on bright hats like cock's crest.

Kuzminki is the young women's holiday too. At this day they were making tasty food and inviting young men to eat it.

At this day Kuzma-Demian's beer had been made, especially by young women who wanted to marry soon


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