This is not just a trademark, this is an ancient Slavonic amulet

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Sirin – in the Slavonic mythology it is the “Paradise bird”

Sirin is an amazing wonder-bird, whose image was created by people’s mind through centuries

In old Russia (Rus) all of the wonder birds (from Slavonic Sirin to Russian fire-bird) were like some amulets or talismans in the rituals.

Sirin-bird is the most ancient patron of the Slavonic people. We have chosen the Sirin-pava for out trademark so it could guard our business: “To save, to revive and to increase culture traditions and crafts in Russia”

Sirin-bird was represented on different ritual items, on everyday items. Mythological birds and horses were presented by people to each other like good-neighborhood sign. Thad was happened at Willow’s Sunday and Egor’s Day (6th May or 23rd April by old style)

In the national crafts wonder-birds were painted at the folk-pictures since XVII century.

Paradise bird, that came to people, in national mind was connected to Pava (Nice, kind woman or girl)

At our trademark Sirin-pava is represented in national Russian costume

In Slavonic-Russian folklore Sirin-Pava is the amulet of household and family-happiness

Let’s conclude the contract with the legal person, non-resident on manufacturing of a set of "Sirin-Pavas". The price is contractual.

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